Shining Star Award

Houston Area Council of ABWA is fortunate to have members who are very generous with their time, talent, and resources. With the demands of balancing successful careers and busy family life, inarguably, it takes commitment and energy to serve the association. There are members who stand out by going above and beyond their roles and persevere through challenges with grace and professionalism.  Each year, the Executive Board has the honor of recognizing one or more members to be awarded the Shining Star for the current year to be awarded in January of the following year.

Delegate of the Year
Houston Area Council of ABWA delegates serve to increase membership, interact with other business leagues, and encourage members to seek local and national leadership positions. Each year, the Council recognizes the significant accomplishments and commitment of its delegates by awarding one Delegate of the Year Award. The Delegate of the Year recipient is selected based on six key requirements:
  • League member must be in local and national good standing.
  • Delegate must be in local and national good standing.
  • Attend three out of four Council quarterly meetings.
  • Provide summary report of quarterly meeting activities to the league as verified by President or respective board member.
  • Attend two out of three Council sponsored events.
  • Attend one regional or national conference.


The Delegate who demonstrates dedication and commitment to the association throughout the calendar year is recognized at the January quarterly meeting in the following year. For more information, please contact the Council Chair at

What is a Council Delegate?

There are many ways ABWA Members can volunteer for leadership roles.  Council events provide  great opportunity to expand a member’s network beyond the local level. The Houston Area Council of ABWA serves as a conduit for information between National, Chapters, and Express Networks with in the Council membership affording members greater leadership and networking opportunities.


Council Chapters and Express Networks in good standing locally and nationally may elect or appoint an ABWA member, as their delegate to the Council, who speaks or acts on their behalf at meetings and conferences, and builds relationships for face-to-face connections between members, guests, and the community.


Delegates or alternate delegates primary role is to attend quarterly meetings and vote on business matters such as executive board elections, approve Council meeting minutes, approve financial transactions and budget, and provide summary reports of Council activities back to their local Chapters/Express Networks. Council Delegates serve for a period of one year from January 1st to December 31st.


In the event the HACA elected delegate cannot attend the meeting and there is a vote to be taken, a local league may allow any board member who attends the quarterly meeting serve as an alternate delegate at that meeting.  Please be sure to check your local league Standing Rules for specific delegate role and responsibility.


If you are interested in serving as a Council Delegate, please talk to your Chapter/Express Network President

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Excellence in Achievement

The Excellence in Achievement (EA) Award recognizes participating Business Leagues in good standing for their accomplishments and activities that fulfill the Council Mission Statement, involve and promote the American Business Women's Association, and drive the ABWA brand recognition throughout the community. 

The EA will be awarded once per quarter to those Business Leagues that have demonstrated the mission of both the Council and ABWA, within the previous quarter. Each Business League is limited to the EA award once per Council calendar year. Each Business League may download the EA form and submit the completed form to the HACA Vice Chair at no later than the third Friday of the quarterly meeting month.

The decision of the award recipient will be the responsibility of the Council Executive Board. The Council Vice Chair will announce award recipient at the Council Quarterly meeting.

Business Leagues awarded the Excellence in Achievement (EA) will receive a certificate of achievement and up to $50.00 towards the member's following year annual membership fee. Business Leagues may only receive one EA Award per calendar year.

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Why Join Houston Area Council of ABWA?

Much like local leagues, ABWA Councils also sponsors events and programming from time to time. Councils are essentially regional conglomerates allowing business leagues to work together enriching the membership experience. Councils provide a great way to expand members’ network and leadership opportunities beyond the local level.

ABWA Proud Code of Conduct
  1. All members will serve as goodwill ambassadors for the American Business Women’s Association.

  2. Members will not allow their personal beliefs and convictions to interfere with the representation of ABWA’s mission.

  3. Members will always treat their member colleagues, guests, vendors and sponsors with honesty, respect, fairness, integrity, responsibility, kindness, and in good faith.

  4. Members will maintain compliance with ABWA National, Chapter and Express Network Bylaws.

  5. Members will not use their personal power to advance their personal interests.

  6. Members will strive for excellence in their professions by maintaining and enhancing their own business knowledge and skills, and by encouraging the professional development of other members. 

For more information about ABWA, Councils, and Local Business Leagues visit

Annual Membership Dues 

Houston Area Council of ABWA (HACA) Award Year is January 01 to December 31st.  Annual dues for HACA are $75 payable every year on January 15th. Please note that members must join or be in good standing as a National Business League to qualify for Council membership. For more information about membership, please contact the Council Chair at

Business Leagues in good standing may receive up to $50.00 towards their membership dues by submitting their association and community contributions to be eligible for a Quarterly Excellence in Achievement Award.

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Connect, Learn, and Grow with America’s Leading Career-Building Organization for Women

As a member of the American Business Women’s Association, you are part of an organization making certain that women continue to move forward, understand new technology, embrace new concepts, and improve their leadership skills.

As a member of the Houston Area Council of ABWA, members have access to ABWA Business League and Community Connection Team Boards. More importantly, members build relationships across the District.